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Dean Martin Impersonator
Dean Martin Impersonator
Dean Martin Impersonator

Dean Martin Impersonator.
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Joe Scalissi is said to be the most authentic
Dean Martin Tribute Artist worldwide.

   "I was sitting there while Joe was performing,
                                      I thought it was dad...but it was Joe!"

Deana Martin Griffeth (Dean Martin's daughter)
Dean Martin festival, Steubenville, OH.
, June 2001

When Dean Martin's own daughter can't tell the difference, you know that Joe is the best Dean Martin tribute artist for the job. Seeing Joe perform as Dean is truly a delightful experience. He has all the charisma and wit that was Dean Martin. Joe has performed in many of the most prestigious show rooms around the world. If you want the complete Dean Martin experience, look no further, this is it.

His incredible talent to capture the spirit of Dean Martin has taken him to Steubenville, Ohio the birthplace of Dino Crocetti (Dean Martin). There he performed for the Annual Dean Martin Birthday Bash in 1998. As soon as he stepped off stage, he was invited back to headline for Birthday Bash 1999.

What people are saying.....

"Back in the day I worked with Dino, up close and personal, on the Dean Martin Show.  It was the Golden Age of Television.  Saw Joe a few months ago in Palm Desert and man did he have the audience in the palm of his hand.  Joe, looks, talks, moves, sings like Dean.  Don't miss a chance to see Joe Scalissi when he comes into town."
Mike Colonna, April, 2017

"From the mischievous twinkle in his lively brown eyes, to the lilt in his beautiful baritone voice, Scalissi exudes the easy appeal and effortless charisma that defined Dino the performer.  Like Martin himself, Scalissi is a Midwesterner of Italian heritage who too spent time in the ring as a prize fighter. Also like Martin, this pugnacious athleticism gives Scalissi an unforced command of the stage; with such a suave presence, no aggressiveness or mean-spiritedness is necessary to maintain the audience’s appreciation or adulation.

With visual and aural accuracy, and backed by the full-sounding twelve-piece Encore Orchestra, a tuxedo-clad Scalissi pays homage to Dean Martin in a manner that is both fun and believable. And when he sings "Mambo Italiano," in Italian no less, the dynamism of Dino is alive and well as if it were channeled through the persona of Joe Scalissi."
Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle, | For full review click here

"I first dug this cat at last year's fabulous Festa Italia as he tag-teamed the wide-eyed crowd with a Sinatra impersonator to complement his take on Dean Martin. Even off stage, Joe Scalissi was in character with Martin's rapid-fire repartee, charm, and high-octane cocktailing. On stage, the man recreates the legend to a fault — his mannerisms, his humor, and his velvety voice. Even Martin's own daughter was flabbergasted upon hearing Scalissi croon while the ladies swoon. Ask him to sing "Sway" and you'll see what I mean."
Rochester NY, City Newspaper, Frank De Blase, June 2013

"Joe Scalissi, as Dean, brings a great deal of knowledge and enthusiasm to his role as Dino; a part he seemed destined to play."
The Halls of Saint George, June 2008

"Today, there are a lot of impersonators playing Dean in Las Vegas. Some are good...some aren't so good. Joe Scalissi...(is)... among the best."
Dean Martin Fan Center, May 2008

"Joe Scalissi literally was Dino from head to toe."
Diva Memphis, Feb 2007

"Joe Scalissi as Dean Martin was simply put, the best we have seen so far. As soon as he stepped on stage he became Dean Martin. The voice is rich and smooth. The look is Dean to a T."
Las Vegas Review-Journal, Aug 2006

"He's not a Dean Martin impersonator. I'd say he's more like Dean Martin reincarnated."
Centanni,, November 2002

"Just reporting in on what happened in Steubenville today. For a small town, they throw a great party! I saw so many younger people and kids having a great time. The one person who clinched the whole day was this Dean Martin impersonator by the name of Joe Scalissi. He was so much fun to watch and listen to. The moves and the voice were smooth. No one could ever replace or come close to what Dean had, but this guy gave it a run for the money."
Dean Martin Fan Center, Stephen Davidovich, July 2002

"Just wanted to let you know that my husband and I attended the Dean Martin Festival in Steubenville, Ohio.  This is our second year and we plan to make it an annual event or as long as Rose and her gang keep it going.  And to say Joe Scalissi was fabulous is an understatement !!!!  He was fantastic!! The most important thing about Joe was his friendliness. He was very visible both on Friday night and also Saturday before and after his show. Sure hope to see him again next year!! Thanks for giving the Dean Martin fans something special by way of this festival. Thanks again."
Dean Martin Fan Center, Ginny Capozzi, PA, July 2002

"Joe Scalissi Knocks out crowd as Dean Martin..It was like going back in time to a quieter period, where the excitement of youth and the future stood before us all. That was the look in the face of singer/impersonator Joe Scalissi from Wisconsin as he headlined in the hometown of entertainer, Dean Martin. Scalissi looks remarkably like Dean did in his younger days, but looks isn't everything this young man has...he has an aura and quality about him that stops the hearts of all the ladies who come to watch him sing. Sing he does, with more passion than just impersonating the legendary superstar. Headlining the show in Stuebenville, Ohio, Scalissi has quite a faithful following. The real test was the reaction of the young kids (pre-teens) in the crowd. They have that funny way of seeing the honesty that we adults sometimes don't. It was genuine. They were more than entertained, even volunteering to sing on stage with a man who they seemed to trust in Scalissi. Joe Scalissi is going to go far, so Hollywood get your red carpet ready for him."
Pat Levey, New York Wire Entertainment, June 1999

"You should be here!" is what one radio station was reporting. "The moment he walked out on stage the crowd went wild! It was a special feeling!"
Dean Martin Fan Center, July 1998

"As any fan of Dean Martin's would tell you, it's hard for anyone to come even close to conveying what Dean had, but the people attending Steubenville's event this year embraced Joe to the fullest, and that's not an easy accomplishment!"
Dean Martin Fan Center, July 1998

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