The Rat Pack Reprise, Dean Martin Impersonator

Rat Pack Reprise–Rat Pack Impersonators
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Rat Pack Tribute
The Rat Pack Reprise
Joe Scalissi                 David Hayes                 Jack D'Amico
as Dean Martin      as Sammy Davis, JR.      as Frank Sinatra

Rat Pack Reprise
Capturing the Spirit of Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. & Frank Sinatra
Rat Pack Impersonators, Look alike & Sound alike Tribute Show

It is just "ROCKIN!" The Rat Pack Reprise is the BEST. All the good stuff that brings us back to seeing "The world today in a brand new Chevrolet,," comes to life, just as we were back then. Frank, Dean, Sammy and the band make your heart soar. The hell with the tough times we may be going through, The Rat Pack Reprise makes us believe that life is good, America is great, and we will reach new heights with every note. Don't miss em'. They make you beg for more!
J.P. "Gus" Godsey - Mr. Happy USA
Selected as "The Happiest Man in America" by USA Weekend

Kick back. Relax. Have a martini and a cigar and reminisce back to the days when the Rat Pack ruled Las Vegas. The Rat Pack Reprise consists of three of the worlds most popular Rat Pack Impersonators. These three have performed at casinos, corporate events, festivals, weddings & night clubs across the United States and several other countries. They are also available for individual bookings.

Rat Pack Tribute

The Rat Pack Reprise
takes you back to the glory days of Las Vegas when the Rat Pack ruled the world of entertainment. The music & comedy of the original Rat Pack is what makes the Rat Pack Reprise one of the most sought after Tribute shows around.

Create your dream team with these accomplished Rat Pack Impersonators!

Rat Pack Impersonators Rat Pack Impersonators Rat Pack Impersonators

B.D. as Frank

H.P as Frank

M.A. as Frank

Rat Pack ImpersonatorsRat Pack ImpersonatorsRat Pack Impersonators

D.F. as Sammy                        D.H. as Sammy                       L.E. as Sammy

* "The Rat Pack Reprise" is not in any way associated with any other Rat Pack production.

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